Having A Tooth Pulled: What Can You Expect?

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Has a recent accident injured your teeth? Does your dentist recommend you do a tooth extraction to protect the surrounding teeth? You may feel scared hearing of dental surgery and that is very normal. We all feel scared to go to OT but there is absolutely no reason to stress out. You may not experience pain while removing the teeth because of modern techniques, innovations in technology and powerful numbing agents. Read this article to know the extraction procedure and details on what you can expect from this surgery.

Types of Extractions

If your tooth is injured due to an accident or cavity, then you may experience immense pain. Tooth extraction does not increase the pain, it helps you to reduce it. However, there are two types of tooth extraction – simple and surgical extraction. The dentist recommends any of these depending on various factors.

Process of Tooth Extraction

In the beginning, the expert will give you anesthesia to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. As a result, you cannot feel any pain during the procedure. In a simple extraction, the dentist will use forceps and a dental elevator to detach the tooth from the ligaments. In case of surgical extraction, the oral surgeon will cut a small area to open the gums and then drill the tooth into small pieces and remove it. After that, the expert removes the infected tissue and cleans the area. In the end, the expert will put gauze in your mouth to control bleeding.

What Do You Feel?

Overall the whole process is painless but you may feel slight discomfort for a few seconds. You may experience pressure from the movement of the tooth which the expert cannot prevent. After completing the process, you may notice post-operative swelling. But you can apply an ice pack for 10 minutes at a time to reduce the feeling.

A Few Tips for Post-Extraction Care

After the tooth extraction process, you have to take time to recover. You have to sleep very well for a couple of days, take proper rest and special care of your teeth and gums. Do not forget to take the medications on time. You have to avoid spitting forcefully. Apart from that, do not try to drink from a straw or rinse your mouth. The doctor also recommends you eat soft foods like yogurt and soup. Moreover, you also have to quit smoking to prevent further infection.

Take Care of Your Dental Health

Most of the time, we ignore the dental problems and think irregular brushing will reduce the pain and discomfort. But this mentality only contributes to worsening our dental condition. If you get a painless and quick tooth extraction and get rid of pain, then contact Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma. Dr Wooten is here to help you with the entire treatment plan.

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