Have a Quick Look on Wisdom Teeth Facts

wisdom teeth

You perhaps already know what wisdom teeth are and think wisdom teeth removal as an immensely painful process. Here we will explore the little known and interesting facts on wisdom teeth.

Fact 1

In the prehistoric age, the human diets include raw meat, tree roots and other similar hard foods.  Humans need powerful and strong teeth to cut those foods and also to catch and consume. But we have evolved a lot now and we do not need such strong teeth now to cut foods since we have a more refined menu now.

Fact 2

Wisdom teeth or third molars appear in the age between 17 to 25. For some people the time of wisdom teeth appearance is immensely painful. When the jaw is small, it makes the wisdom teeth impacted and they cannot break through the gums. Sometimes wisdom teeth break through the gums partly and form a flap and it traps foods and germs. This trapping often causes teeth and gum infection, damages adjacent teeth and forms cysts. Moreover, since the wisdom teeth are located so far back of the mouth, they are hard to clean and it increases the risks of decay and germ trapping.

 Fact 3

Roots are formed first for the teeth and then they push the teeth or the visible part (known as buds) out of the gum. Most of the wisdom teeth have two or more roots but sometimes that could be more than that. This is why doctors may need to remove the teeth and it should be done before the roots start to take hold. Surgeons may keep the roots as it gives something to grip since removing a tiny bud could be difficult.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction for Problem Prevention

Your doctor may want to remove wisdom teeth to prevent –

  • Overcrowding at the back of the mouth
  • Teeth impaction in the jaw
  • Tooth decay caused by gum disease

Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

The surgeon will first give a local anesthesia to the surrounding to make the area numb. For several teeth removal, it could be a general anesthesia. The surgeon will cut open the gum tissue covering the tooth. Next, if there is any bone covering the tooth will be removed. Then the connecting tissue is removed following the tooth.

After Care

  • Change the gauze inside the mouth when needed.
  • Do not bite mouth or tongue.
  • Do not lie flat and keep the head up using pillows.
  • Ice compress on the cheek for 15 minutes on day of surgery.
  • Avoid too much physical activities.
  • Eat sift foods and do not use straws.
  • Follow doctors’ instructions rigidly.

Contact Dr. Wooten at Oral and Facial Surgery of Oklahoma for wisdom teeth removal. When the wisdom teeth are causing jaw ache and other pain, difficulty in food consumption, you should go for the removal.

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