FAQ on Wisdom Tooth Removal


When you are on the verge of removing wisdom teeth, you must have a few questions. Here we have complied the most frequently asked questions about wisdom tooth extraction. Read on the article for it when you are heading for wisdom teeth removal in OKC.

Why we have wisdom teeth?

Centuries ago ancestors of human race used wisdom teeth to grind hard food like roots. Their mouth had more space than us and more space for molars. As humans evolved, food habits changed and now we are inclined to soft foods. The third molars are completely unnecessary. Because our jaws are smaller now.

Why it should be removed?

There are multiple reasons for extracting a wisdom tooth as it can cause multiple complications.

Impaction– When there is less space in your mouth, it will impact your wisdom teeth and it will start growing in an angle. It causes pain and discomfort and issues while eating.

Damaging Other Teeth – The impacted tooth will start pushing other teeth against the second molars resulting in tooth decay.

Disease – Space between impacted tooth and molars are a happy place for bacteria to grow that leads to potential inflammation risks like gum disease and cysts.

How wisdom tooth is removed?

Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most widely performed surgery in the world. In the United States, 5 million people undergo this surgery every month. Wisdom teeth removal in OKC is safe when done by experienced professionals. It is always suggested to have this procedure done by a specialist who is a trained person in intra-venous sedation. This simple and safe anesthesia process helps a patient to undergo a knife without any discomfort, but optimal comfort. Once the sedative starts showing actions and numbs the nerves, the tooth is extracted safely. Self-melting stitches are applied to avoid bleeding.

What to do soon after surgery?

As the effects of local anesthesia stays for a few hours only, a patient may get a little discomfort once the effects are gone. The doctor will prescribe analgesics with which most patients are able to control the discomfort after the process.

How long does it bleed?

During the period of intervention, most of bleeding is controlled. At the end of the process, cotton gauzes are applied to pressurize the site. For the first few hours, you may get oozing after the surgery the cotton gauze helps to control bleeding.

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