Eat Your Favorite Food with Dental Implants

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Patients who are having their smiles restored following tooth loss worry about possible dietary restrictions. In some cases, prosthetics, such as traditional dentures, are inferior to natural teeth when it comes to chewing.

A lot of meals tend to have a hard, solid feel, which might make dentures uncomfortable. Many dentures drop after chewing, especially if the food isn’t soft and sensitive. The two worst culprits when it comes to cleaning dentures are sticky foods like candy and peanut butter. The fact that dental implants are more stable in the mouth makes them easier to clean, which makes it easier for people to consume the foods they want. Oral surgery specialists often suggest to go for it.

To live a normal life, one must not be concerned with the possibility that one’s favorite foods will interfere with it. Patients can now eat the meals they’ve always loved; thanks to dental implants.

With traditional dental appliances, patients may have to give up some of their favorite foods, even some of the healthier ones. Dental implants, the only tooth replacement method that is technically complete, are quite successful when it comes to chewing.

Dental implants can help you continue to eat a variety of foods following tooth loss. Consult with an oral surgeon to learn more.

Implants in the mouth and how they work

Artificial tooth roots are made of titanium cylinders that are placed into the jawbone. The treatment involves a series of steps.

  • Dental implants are inserted by an oral surgeon specialist in an outpatient surgery.
  • Osseointegration is the process by which the jawbone eventually merges with the implant’s surface.
  • They act as fake tooth roots and are attached to the patient’s jaw.
  • Dentures and dental bridges can be supported by dental implant crowns when they’ve been fully integrated into the jawbone (osseointegration).

What are the benefits of dental implants in preserving chewing ability?

After tooth loss, dental implants are a unique way to restore your smile, as they replace both the root and crown of a missing tooth. Dentin roots serve an essential role in digestion since they are anchored in your jaw and able to withstand intense chewing forces.

A natural chewing function is maintained by dental implants by replacing their roots. Because implant-supported dentures are far superior to conventional dentures in terms of chewing ability, this preserved function is especially valuable.

Implants Have Additional Benefits

If you consult with an oral surgeon to have dental implants instead of a conventional restoration, you’ll be able to continue to enjoy all of your favorite snacks and meals.

  • Improved comfort is another benefit of dental implants.
  • Convenience
  • Longevity

Make an appointment with our expert named Dr Wooten at Oral and Facial Surgery of Oklahoma to learn how dental implants can enhance your quality of life following tooth loss.

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