Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?

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5 million people get wisdom teeth removal each year. Dental Research Journal estimates that 5 to 37% of Americans are missing one or more wisdom teeth. So, no, wisdom teeth aren’t for everyone.

Why Wisdom Teeth Exist?

What’s the use of wisdom teeth if we can just remove them? If you’re wondering why they’re there, the short explanation is that they’re for a specific function.

Wisdom teeth were incredibly important to our ancestors just a few thousand years ago. In the past, early humans ate a very different diet than we eat now. In the modern world, people eat softer foods and use knives and forks to cut down their meals. The diet of early humans was comprised of tough, chewy foods. Seeds, roots, nuts, and rough, raw meats were among the items on the menu. They were able to digest their food because of the wisdom teeth, or rear molars.

Because of all the strain their teeth had endured, it was imperative that they received replaced teeth when they were adults. In the modern world, we know the necessity of brushing our teeth, but our ancestors did not. We got smarter as time went on. Cooking food became a need for humans as they realized how much easier it was to consume cooked meals. All of a sudden, their formidable jaws had no use. Besides, the fact that their enormous jaws were useless, their brains grew as they matured. The jaw was sacrificed to make room for the brain.

Our jaws got narrower over time, but our teeth remained. This is why our wisdom teeth are crooked and why there is no room for them in our mouths. There is not enough area for them to grow properly. Most people have wisdom teeth eliminated because of this, which causes pain and suffering.

What’s the reason why some people don’t get wisdom teeth at all?

Who has wisdom teeth, and who doesn’t? It’s impossible to say for sure, because no one knows it. However, possible explanations include heredity, lifestyle, and diet. It’s quite likely that you won’t have wisdom teeth if your parents don’t have them, either. Those of us who don’t have wisdom teeth can thank development and our genes for our good fortune.

After the age of adolescence

If you don’t already have wisdom teeth, you’ll probably end up having them removed at some point. Between the ages of 17 and 21, wisdom teeth typically erupt. You may notice some of these symptoms while your wisdom teeth are erupting:

Swollen lymph nodes in the neck and neck pain are two of the most common symptoms of gum disease, as are bad breath and an unpleasant taste while eating. Any of the following symptoms could indicate that your wisdom teeth need to come out. We can’t speed up evolution, but we can make wisdom teeth removal at Oral and Facial Surgery of Oklahoma.

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