Causes and Types of Facial Trauma and Dental Damage

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Serious facial and dental injuries can occur in multiple ways. Let’s consider some common causes of facial trauma and dental injuries.

Facial and oral injuries are quite common. It is both emotionally upsetting and physically draining. It is quite important to get medical care and dental care with any facial or oral injuries. This care would help to address the damages medically, psychologically and also to correct aesthetical changes. Here we will cover the reasons of facial trauma and dental damage and different injury types through which it can occur. There could be several reasons for facial injury. Here it goes-

Types of Injuries

Every year three million people have the treatment for facial trauma and often people look for maxillofacial surgeons. There could be different types of injuries on face. The gums and face may get soft tissue trauma. Teeth may get avulsed or knocked out and these need to be implanted immediately. Jaws, cheekbones and noses may get fractured bones or other types of bone injuries. Nerves of the eyes, facial and salivary glands are also prone to damage. Therefore, it is immense importance to check the severity of facial trauma and treat by an expert. Even if we keep the aesthetic perspective aside, there are chances of serious health complication even from a small damage. It depends on the injury location – gum, dental or nose injury can affect speech abilities, breathing or swallowing etc. Teeth loss or loose tooth in the socket can make eating troublesome and may cause speech issues. If teeth are misaligned, chipped or broken it can cause temporomandibular joint dislocation.

Causes of Injuries

Car Accidents

A serious car accident or motor vehicle accident or even a collision can cause facial trauma and injury to a pedestrian or a bicyclist. The severity of the injury decides the severity of the facial injury. You must wear a helmet while riding a bicycle and follow traffic rules.

Fall and Slip

If you play connect sports like football, hockey or participate in combat sports like boxing you have a major risk of facial trauma and dental damage. Even while practicing sports you have risks of serious injuries. You should wear protectors like headgear, helmets, facial protection, mouth guards when you are engaged in such physical activities.

Occupational Injury

Some jobs have more risks. Employees who are involved in construction work, industrial job are at more risk of injuries. You should wear goggles, mask and other protective gear.

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