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Do Not Delay to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

An oral examination and mouth x-rays allow our doctors to determine the position of the wisdom teeth, as well as whether there are any current or potential problems. Recent research has shown that early evaluation and treatment result in better outcomes for patients. Dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons typically evaluate patients for the first time […]

The Necessity of Wisdom Teeth Removal

‘Should I go for wisdom teeth removal? Probability is, if you’re asking this inquiry, your wisdom teeth are bothering you. Third molars, or wisdom teeth, are located in the back of the mouth. Last to erupt, they are the furthest back in the mouth. It is possible for wisdom teeth to erupt without causing any […]

What to Eat and What to Not after Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of teeth to emerge and grow towards the rear of your gums. The majority of people have four wisdom teeth, one in each corner of the mouth. The growing wisdom can be at strange angles or incomplete because to a shortage of space at […]

How Impacted Wisdom Teeth Become a Headache?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are susceptible to becoming impacted. If the jaw is too small, these teeth will not emerge into the grin as they should. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a number of problems for individuals. Many patients elect to have their wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon before they […]

The Wisdom Teeth Removal AmongAdults

The third molars or the teeth of wisdom usually do not exist until adolescence. Some people choose to put in place that tooth if they are not immediate problems. Patients experiencing problems with their wisdom teeth will have to weigh up the challenges they face in adult weight-related complications. If you’re an adult in Oklahoma […]

Why Should You Choose Oral Surgeons?

Who is an oral surgeon? An oral surgeon is a highly trained dental specialist, who has at least seven to eight years of experience of dental college education. An oral surgeon has the best ability to handle certain dental problems. They used to have experiences over surgeries that rate them high over general dentists. Nowadays, […]

Wisdom Teeth Recovery and Management

Back molars are another name for wisdom teeth. The jaw is frequently too tiny to accommodate them. If wisdom teeth aren’t bothering you, you might not see the sense in having them removed. It’s true that wisdom tooth extraction isn’t always essential. However, even if you are not having any symptoms, your dentist may prescribe […]

Post-Care of Wisdom Teeth

After tooth extraction you need to follow some of the rules to make sure your healing process works smoothly. The major factors that you need to keep in mind is, do not drive right after the surgery, keep your gauze at least 30 minutes and avoid chewable food unless it is entirely healed. Make sure […]

Bitter Experiences of Post-Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is crucial to plan ahead after wisdom teeth removal so that you understand what is normal and why it is worrisome. Here’s a list of few things after your own wisdom tooth surgery that you might experience. You may contact Dr. Wooten in OKC if you have questions about the symptoms, post-operative symptoms preparation […]

Revealed Facts of Wisdom teeth

    Wisdom teeth appear in the early 20s, and it can emerge after the late 20s. That is why it is called the third molars. The emerging or growing wisdom teeth can be painful, and people go through third molar surgery. If you find tooth or gum pain is going to severe and stays […]