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Why You may Extract a Single Tooth?

If your tooth is decayed or has been seriously damaged in an accident, there could be lack of room for your tooth in your mouth or tooth structure may be incapable to support a dental restoration. Instead of saving a severely damaged tooth that may give you intense pain, it is better to go for […]

When a Wisdom Tooth Is Hard to Remove?

Why do most people have teeth that are usually removed somewhere in their lives? Wisdom teeth are a group of third molars, which rarely grow properly. Some of the time there is insufficient room for growth, causing the tooth to appear abnormally, to only partially erupt through the gums, to turn lateral and to push […]

What to do After a Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth operation is a popular out-patient procedure that uses anesthesia in order to extract third molars. Many removals of wisdom teeth cause very little pain. Nonetheless, proper care is important following tooth extraction in OKC. Here’s what you need to know about proper care to help a friend or family member post wisdom teeth […]

How to Deal with a Cracked Tooth?

Strongly anchored in your jaw, your teeth are protected by an external layer of hard enamel— but still chips, rips or even breaks. The tooth structure, resulting in tooth fractures, can happen from a bite on hard objects, blown to the bow or with large cavities (or old amalgam fillings). You can contact Dr Wooten […]

What Do You Need to Know about Root Canal?

The word “root canal” may refer to the internal portion (passages) of the tooth between the pulp and the roots of the tooth, as well as the dental procedure used to remove infected material and alleviate pain from the root canal. There are nerves and blood vessels in the root canals. Once an adult tooth […]