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The Top Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Do you have a tooth that has to be extracted? While this is sad news, it is not something an oral surgeon wishes to explore as a first resort. In fact, tooth extraction¬†should only be used as a last option. As a result, there is always a valid cause for a dentist in OKC to […]

Want to Recover from Post-oral Surgery? Check Out These Killer Tips

Removing wisdom teeth is a standard form of oral surgery and is done every year by thousands of patients without incident. You can become one of them! Use the following tips to minimize your risk of post-extraction complications and speed up your recovery from a future tooth extraction. Try Controlling Blood Loss Some blood loss […]

What Should You Know About Oral Surgery?

Generally, dentists perform the surgical process in your jaw and mouth. There are various types of oral surgery to¬†reduce the problem such as root canal, tooth removal, maxillofacial surgery and gum graft. Among the dentists, mainly periodontists, prosthodontists and endodontists do the surgery according to your problem. When a general dentist cannot solve the dental […]

Necessity of Tooth Extraction

In OKC, why would a dentist or orthodontist recommend that you have a tooth extracted? Some teeth are more valuable than others, but there isn’t always enough room in your mouth to accommodate them. If your teeth are larger than average, or if your dental arches are small, you may have alignment issues that can […]

Why Summer Is the Best Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Are you aware that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed? Even if you are not suffering from any symptoms, it is easy to put off the procedure. Even if you dislike the idea of setting aside time to recover from your oral surgery, it may be for your own good. However, it is […]

Warning Signs That Ask You to Run for Tooth Extraction

The third set of molars on the back of the mouth are the wisdom teeth. Some people use it as a functional part of their smile, without problems. However, other people may experience serious problems in dentistry. This is especially probable if they are completely or partially affected (stuck beneath the gum line). Let’s discuss […]

Dental Implant and Oral Surgery after Care

The time it takes to get well from dental implant surgery varies depending on the number implanted teeth, bone graft, and how well the patient controls his or her recuperation. The technology behind dental implants has advanced dramatically in recent years, reducing post oral surgery pain and increasing patient comfort. Recovery Time If you have […]

Tooth Extraction, Recovery and More

Permanent teeth donot last for a lifetime. With age, injury and external issues, your teeth may start to decay. There are more reasons for tooth extraction. Here they are – Crowded Mouth –Sometimes excess teeth need to be pulled away to keep the teeth shape right. An orthodontist may suggest you for tooth extraction to […]

How to Take Care of Your Tooth after Extraction?

  Dentists aim to support patients as long as possible to maintain all their natural teeth. In some circumstances, however, one or more extractions are required. This may occur for a number of reasons, including advanced deterioration, impacted wisdom teeth, or the need for orthodontic treatment to make room. If you know you will need […]

The Tooth Extraction Facts You Cannot Miss to Know

The extraction of wisdom tooth is a common dental procedure but there is nobody looking forward to it. But if your dentist says that you need wisdom tooth extraction? Here are a few truths you have to know about the procedure to help you get ready. The extraction of wisdom tooth is a common tooth […]