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When Can Your Dentist Ask You To Have A Tooth Extraction?

Are you scared of visiting your dentist especially when you are told that you need an oral surgery in OKC? Firstly, you should not delay a tooth extraction when your orthodontist has recommended it. Secondly, do not get scared of tooth extraction because it is probably not what you are terrified of. Generally, your dentist […]

Dental Implant: The Truth You Yet to Know

It is not unnatural to suffer from missing tooth. Whether you have lost a tooth due to an accident or you have to get the tooth extracted, you are eligible for having dental implants in OKC. Having a missing tooth or keeping a damaged tooth untreated can cause complications. You could jeopardize the stability of […]

3 Myths About Dental Implants: Busted!

Nowadays, you may notice that many people suffer from dental problems worldwide. There are various types of toothpaste and mouth fresheners available on the market to protect our teeth from harmful germs and bacteria. Despite that, people face dental issues and lose one or two teeth. In that case, the expert may suggest oral surgery […]

How Bad is Sugar for Your Oral Health?

If you ask any oral surgery specialists of Oklahoma, they will tell you that sugar is bad for your teeth. But the real question is how bad? Well, trust us when we say that there is a term called ‘too much sugar’. Yes, eating candies on birthdays or mochas on winter afternoons can take a […]

5 Benefits of Dental Implants in Oklahoma

Nowadays, many people lose their teeth due to unhygienic eating habits and other reasons. But they can replace the damaged teeth very easily because there are various solutions. Dental implants are one of the most popular procedures to deal with damaged teeth because of its finest technological involvement. According to the American Dental Association, professionals […]

How Frequently Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Our well-being is influenced by a variety of things. Brushing our teeth is taught to us from an early age that it is crucial for our oral health. Most individuals should have their teeth cleaned twice a year at least, but to do daily to keep our teeth healthy? Is it necessary for me to […]

Should General Anaesthesia Be Needed in Every Dental Implants Surgery?

In dental implant surgery, the doctors replace your tooth root with metal posts and replace the old teeth with artificial ones. After the surgery, you cannot differentiate the artificial teeth and the original teeth. Whether you need the surgery or not it is completely based on two factors. One is the type of implant and […]

When Do You Need an Oral Surgery after a Car Accident?

Is it appropriate to think of oral surgery to repair any mouth injuries? If you have been injured in a car accident and have dental issues, the next move is a dental consultation to make a full assessment. The lesions may be minimal or serious. You will have to undergo oral surgery to repair them […]

How General Health And Oral Health Connected ?

  The oral health and the body parts are related together but there are no strong explanations of the connections. It has been seen that gum disease accelerates the diabetes. People with gum diseases are more prone to cardiovascular problems. Depressed and stressed people get more oral problems and dental issues as they clench and […]

Little Known Effects Of Dental Hygiene On Your Body

  Do you know that the health of your mouth can affect your whole body? Yes, you hear it right. A research conducted by the oral surgery specialists has propagated the theory that the mouth is the window of the body, which detects the several underlying issues. For this reason, your dentist may have told […]