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Managing Dental Problems During Covid-19

The USA public was told to stay at home, whenever possible, according to recent government advice. This contributed, in turn, to the lack of dental help for many people. Instead, Oral & Facial Surgery from Oklahoma City provides direct telephone contact in the expectation that dentists can speak to you remotely about your issues. The […]

Why Dental Implant Surgery is Easy and Fearless?

Dental implants have become popular for their look and durability. The titanium post in the jawbone can be attributed to each of the aspects of the latter. Since titanium has a natural bone affinity, new cells can grow over time and stick to dental implants, making them strong and durable. Obviously, dental implant surgery has […]

Why Your Teeth Rot Even after Brushing and Flossing Regularly?

It’s time to go to your dental inspection again this year. Although you love the feeling you get after you have cleaned your teeth, you might be afraid to hear the news that you again get dental issues. Why do you have so many cavities, although you keep your teeth clean and follow all the […]

How Can Baking Soda Whiten Your Teeth?

Baking soda is very common in order to remove tooth stains. You may however wonder how secure your teeth are with this household item. Baking soda is a safe means of removing stains on the surface. However, you need to be careful not to damage your tooth enamel like most other products. Mixing baking soda […]

How Bruxism Can be a Good Option?

If an adult tooth is lost or damaged after a repair, it is necessary to remove the tooth (or teeth) for the safety of the rest of teeth, gums and jaw. Several choices are available to remove the tooth’s crown or top, but the whole tooth, including its root, is replaced by dental implants. The […]

Everything You Need to Know About Water Flossing

The water flossing has recently become increasingly popular. If you are getting a special toothbrush with water flossing capabilities or some other sort, water flossing becomes easier. What is it, then? Is that very good for you? Will it replace your usual traditional floss with string floss? See what dental surgeons have to say. Water […]

How Can You Help Your Child to Get Over Dental Fear?

Parents and dentist both can make a child’s first experience at a dentist’s office pleasant and not at all fearful. This first positive experience will make them stronger further with the treatments. If the parents show anxiety while taking the children to the dentist, the child will be fearful. At the same time, a jovial […]

Managing Dental Phobia: Everything You Need to Do

Are you concerned about visiting your dentist? You are not alone. One study found that in America there is high dental fear of 1 in 6 adult people and 1 out of 10 children. Serious dental concerns and pain often lead people to miss appointments or even to avoid dentists, which can lead to their […]

Dental Abscess and Its Treatment

What is a dental abscess? We have all had them, but sometimes toothache can be a symptom of a deeper, worse dental infection, called an abscess. Read more about this today — what it is, what signs are and what steps you can take to prevent the development in your mouth. When left untreated, a […]