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Jaw Injury, Symptoms & Recovery

There are several apparent reasons for jaw pain, from grinding your teeth to a fist blow to the jaw while you sleep. When you feel pain in your mouth, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain is the most frequent cause. If the jaw pain gets worse or you have problem with daily activities, maxillofacial surgeon can […]

Everything You Need to Know About Water Flossing

The water flossing has recently become increasingly popular. If you are getting a special toothbrush with water flossing capabilities or some other sort, water flossing becomes easier. What is it, then? Is that very good for you? Will it replace your usual traditional floss with string floss? See what dental surgeons have to say. Water […]

What Is Apicoectomy – A Complete Insight

An apicoectomy is a dental process on which an oral surgery specialist exposes the root structure under the gums and the structure of the jaw bone. This process is done to remove the infected soft tissue that is located at the root of the tooth. This process is often referred to as root end resection […]

Bone Grafting for Sinus and Dental Implant

Though regenerating bone sounds like a story but it is scientifically proven for treating bone loss in upper jaw. The sinus surgery or sinus membrane lift or sinus augmentation process is well-known in restorative dentistry to help in bone growth. This is the treatment that allows dental implant process and also preferable for replacing failing […]

Dry Socket – Reasons and Prevention

After wisdom teeth removal, the throbbing pain from that socket that stays for two to three days is dry socket. This pain is often associated with bad breath and odor in the mouth. When this pain stays for a long time, probably the healing is not in order. Dry socket happens when the jawbone is […]

Tooth Loss Causes You Should Address

There can be a lot of different causes of tooth loss. If you are suffering from a tooth decaying issue and consulting a dentist for long, then tooth loss may not be something surprising to you. But there are other sudden causes as well that can turn out to be a shock. It may happen […]

What is Baby Bottle Decay and How to Deal with It?

Our teeth are one of the important parts of human body right from their birth. Baby teeth are also a very significant part and should be taken care of just life adult teeth. There are different types of risk involved for teeth decaying. One of such risks is baby bottle decay for which you may […]

Why Do You Need Professional Dental Hygiene Checkup?

Are you one of them who avoid visiting a dentist? Doing so and not making the appointments to the dentist for hygiene check-up you are putting your oral health at risk. You could be busy with your daily chores but ignoring the professional hygiene appointment is not wise. Your teeth may get plaque buildup, tartar […]

Causes and Types of Facial Trauma and Dental Damage

Serious facial and dental injuries can occur in multiple ways. Let’s consider some common causes of facial trauma and dental injuries. Facial and oral injuries are quite common. It is both emotionally upsetting and physically draining. It is quite important to get medical care and dental care with any facial or oral injuries. This care […]

How Can You Help Your Child to Get Over Dental Fear?

Parents and dentist both can make a child’s first experience at a dentist’s office pleasant and not at all fearful. This first positive experience will make them stronger further with the treatments. If the parents show anxiety while taking the children to the dentist, the child will be fearful. At the same time, a jovial […]