Can I Go On Vacation After Doing Oral Surgery?

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As many people have busy schedules because of work pressure or other reasons, it is always not possible for them to do an oral surgery with a scheduled break from work. They consider doing the tooth extraction process during the holidays. It is easier to take care of their teeth after surgery.

But there is only one concern that hits their mind often. Holidays are all about family activities, enjoying food and travel. Is it possible to enjoy all of these activities while healing from dental surgery? Yes, of course, there is no clash between enjoying the holidays and taking care of your teeth. Read this article to know some tips regarding oral surgery recovery that help you enjoy your holiday season while healing.

Take Rest

In general, holidays are packed with to-dos, you have to do a lot of things from gift-giving with friends to family dinners and company parties. But if you have undergone an oral surgery, it would be great if you take plenty of rest. You can do online shopping instead of attending various parties. Enjoying quality time does not mean that you have to go outside, you can get the experience by sitting at home comfortably.

Consider Soft Foods

Doctors may recommend you to eat soft food because it can be difficult to chew after doing oral surgery. You have to eat bland, soft foods so that you can easily digest them. You must avoid any kind of spicy and hard food. These types of food do not harm your surgical area but can include additional discomfort. You must consider drinking a lot of liquid and eating small frequent meals. You can eat these types of foods including mashed potato, stuffing, green beans, yogurt, stuffing, apple sauce, eggs and baked yams.


In most cases, flying does not impact your surgical area after the first few days. But it would be safe if you wait an extended period before air travel. If you plan to travel by train or car, then take plenty of rest before traveling. You may experience bruising and swelling after the surgery but these are not increased due to travel. You can do one trick – icing the area after the procedure.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is absolutely important after doing the surgery. But it is also a fact that many patients face difficulties drinking water because of the cold season. But water has a lot of advantages like protecting organs and tissues, regulating the temperature of the body, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells and rinsing food particles from our teeth. So, to get healed rapidly from the surgery, drink a lot of water.

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Keep in mind that healing takes time. As holidays offer various activities to enjoy, take it easy on your body and do not push it too hard. If you want to learn more about a tooth extraction process, contact Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma.. Dr Wooten will help you get detailed information about the surgery and its recovery process.

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