5 Killer Tips to Prevent Untimely Enamel Erosion

5 Killer Tips to Prevent Untimely Enamel Erosion

Enamel degradation is a deterioration of the surface of the outer tooth caused by acids in the mouth, as explained by the ADA. In order to improve teeth, good oral hygiene habits, including enamel loss, must first of all be enforced. Here are five tips to reinforce your teeth as suggested by renowned oral surgeons of OKC.

  • Brush Twice Daily

Start with a good regular brushing to protect the teeth. The oral surgeons of ADA suggest that brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day will keep them strong and healthy.

Before it may lead to enamel erosion, a toothbrush removes germs and food particulates from your teeth. The ADA suggests the use of a 45 degree angle soft-corded toothbrush around the edge of the gum. You should gently brush a plaque away from the enamel surface to clear the residual food particles. Switch two or three teeth at a time in reverse movement.

  • Floss Regularly

The ADA also advises that patients should use floss to remove food waste and plaque between their teeth. Go for a floss of 18 inches. Roll your thumbs together and pinch the string around the middle fingers of each hand. You’re going to maintain between two your hands 1 to 2 centimeters. Then you can gently lead the floss between the teeth. Use a C-shaped movement to wipe against the enamel surface after you lead the floss in space.

For those who are struggling to carry and manipulate string floss, various flossing devices, including interproximal pins and interdental aids are available.

  • Using Fluoride Toothpaste and Mouth Wash

According to ADA, Fluoride has natural minerals. It is also added and used in oral treatment items in the city water supply. Fluoride toothpastes and mouthwash work to make your oral health stronger by preventing tooth decay.

The oral surgeons of OKC also advise fluoridation of your toothpaste. The perfect periods to clean and add fluoride after waking up in the morning and just before you bed.

  • Have a Balanced Diet

The ADA advocates a dental diet that is healthy and that limits the consumption of sugar. Whilst sugars are required to be removedproperly as they feed the bacteria in the mouth and produce acid. Erosion and tooth weakening are responsible for this acid production.

Intake food that help to maintain your oral health like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and low-fat dairy choices. The ADA also mention some of the most damaging foods for the teeth:

  • Citrus acidic nutrients
  • Coffee beverages with added sugar
  • Durable, sticky candy or dried fruit
  • Sodas and beverages

The ADA suggests that a lot of water need to be consumed all day long not only to be hydrated but to clean the surface of the enamel that may have residual food waste and acids. Saliva is also essential to help you clean up your mouth of food particles and acids. Your mouth does actually consume a little bit of saliva than you eat a meal, so, oral surgeons say to limit your junk food intake.

  • Maintain Dental Routine Visits

Visiting a dentist for a regular examination will help you manage the deterioration of enamel, since they will diagnose the problem and prescribe medication. Your dentist would be happy to respond to your questions, inform you on the best measures to ensure your mouth is safe and advise you on overall oral health throughout your life. You can stop enamel erosion and other oral problems by learning how to prevent tooth decay.

If you think that you still need to consult an oral surgeon to find out why there is on-going enamel erosion despite following these steps, visit Oral & Facial Surgery of Oklahoma and schedule an appointment with Dr. Wooten.

**Disclaimer: This site content is not intended to be medical advice nor establishes a doctor-patient relationship.

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